Pandemonium v4.00 Released – Chapter 2 Intro is out for Patrons!

Version 4.00

Yeah it’s version 4.00, to distinguish it from the UI/Balance updates. Look when you spend years making a game, you can set the version numbers however you want.

Version 4.00 is public, since it contains several bugfixes. The patron-only version can be found on the patron pinned post, which you can find here (if you’re a patron). It will give you the page and password to find the chapter 2 intro.

Download the public version 4.00 (Mediafire / (Win/Lin/Mac Bundled)

If you somehow managed to miss it: This version becomes public in 1 month. We also give out the password to people who send us pics of their dogs and cats (and other animals), compose heartfelt poems about the game, make fan art, or just tell lots of people about it. We want everyone to play our game!

Poll Results: The Cave Crawler Election

Last week I asked whether or not we should add Cave Crawler Sanya as a playable form. So the public is overwhelmingly in favour of the Cave Crawler as an enemy. Good to know.

Wow the people want to play as corrosive bug Sanya! Overwhelmingly!

But they are evenly split on making time to make it, and on only doing it “If we have time”. So, at the meeting today, we decided we’re going to definitely make the Cave Crawler form playable, but not in the next patch. It will get put in “eventually” just not right now.

Oh and that last one is a person suggesting to us that we give her some more phosphorescent corrosive bitties. Cool! Chicken likes that idea.

So What Now?

We’re going to continue development on the next section of chapter 2, which will be Westwoods and the Old Capital Grounds. I will post a poll (this week or next week) for patrons to tell me what they thought of the intro and its many new mechanics, minigames, and playable forms. I already have a lot of maps done, and the artists are just rushing headlong without regard into the next set of enemies and forms.

Version 4.00 Changelog

*Chapter 2’s introduction is now playable. No kidding.
*Fixed that damn inventory load crash bug. This should be under the Bugs heading but it took so much work to find it that I’m putting it in the major tab.
*Go ahead, try to do something about it.

*Refactored the combat execution code.
*Added some new indicators for buffs so you can tell at-a-glance what stats got buffed/debuffed.
*Mei’s Queen Bee costume now shows up in the journal and on the costume select menu.
*The UI should now immediately reflect stat changes when passives are equipped.

Combat Balance
*Fixed Christine’s discharge not correctly changing damage types based on the weapon secondary.
*Added a distinction in the prediction box. The game will warn you when an attack can only Glance versus a guaranteed miss.
*609144 can now be stunned.
*Effects modified in battle by a severity (such as 55’s User Manuals) now show the computed effect value in the combat inspector, instead of the base value.
*Added a few more gem slots to common low-level armors to allow a bit more early customization.

*Buyback no longer carries over when loading the game or changing chapters.
*Fixed a number of small bugs involving the combat engine.
*Latex Drones now show the “Volunteer” icon if you don’t have the form yet.
*Fixed some incorrect combat item descriptions.
*Fixed a specific box in the LRT facility that was not clipped, and causing much consternation.
*Fixed the missing icon for the GOV Gem.

Curious Cat

As a head’s up, I would like everyone to know to Please Not Ask About Chapter 2 Stuff On Curious Cat until 1 month has passed. Some people don’t want to get spoiled! You can instead use our Discord or the TFGS forums, where you can spoiler posts. Links are in the links pile at the bottom of every post!

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