Version 4.03 Released to Patrons, Buncha Fan Art, All That Crap!

Quick Development Update

I keep making fun of the fact that 2022 has been a pretty shit year so far and ha ha it’s really been a shit decade. Chicken got sick, Koops’ cat Niko got sick! Things aren’t great on that front.

I’m making maps for the next part of the chapter and Urimas is almost done the new sprites for Empress.

Version 4.03 is out, mostly bugfixes and a bit of balancing. It should be on Itch/Steam and the patron downloads page as usual. Remember the file contains the changelog.

Fan Art!

Hey you know what rules? Fan art.

First, we have Jeanne transformed into a maid doll, dusting her own runestone. Drawn by Myrmidia. Probably my favourite piece so far!

It’s Mei in her human form (as rare as that is to see). Done by 达达利亚干饭我 (sorry, don’t have a link to their site or anything).

And here we have a kitsune turned into an alraune. Don’t ask how that works. By Mako Hayashi.

Curious Cat

This is now a Niko blog. RoP is cancelled it’s all Niko from now on.

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