Development Update: May 23rd, 2022

Coding, Art, Coding Again!?

This week I finished the backend for the 4th party member in chapter 2, and the maps for the upcoming rabbit warrens. Urimas finally got me the tileset so I can start making the Westwoods area.

Chicken finished Empress’ second combat pose. I liked the first one so much that I’ll be using both, with one for an alternate class. I don’t even know what class but they’re both really good pieces! Koops is working on some more bunny designs and Urimas will be getting me ability icons.

I have another project that will be reaching announcement fairly soon, probably before the end of June. Look forward to that.

Fan Art!

I created a page to store all the fan art! The page contains the pieces as well as where you can find the artist. In fact we have even more of it this week!

These were done by artist BlueLilytZ and here is their FurAffinity page.

Curious Cat

Bonus Niko Pic After The Links

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