Development Update: May 30th, 2022

Code and Stuff

Chicken has finished up Izuna’s emotes, Koops is working on some more bunnies (but they aren’t quite done so patrons get to see them next week), Urimas got me some more trees and is working on ability icons. Hund will be doing the maps for Westwoods once I’m actually done them.

Maps for Westwoods are about 40% done. Hoping to have them finished this week.

Release Information

Chapter 2 goes public on the 2nd of June. I’ll make an update post when the time comes.


You know what else happens on the 2nd of June? Friend of the team Squeaky Sin is doing a fundraiser to pay off their insurance, because America is hell. It will be on their discord (which is on their DA home page) and will include Minecraft, lots of stupid bonus material, and raffles and extras you can get by donating! We’ll have Bottled Starlight artists giving away sketches and animations for donors, so come by and drop five bucks!

I will post more information on the day of the fundraiser as part of the update post. See you there!

Fan Art? (Yes)

This piece was commissioned from AkuOreo!

I would tell you to be wary around mirrors but you people are going to spend a week hanging out near one just in case.

More pieces from Blue Lily! Finishing up the moth series, and giving us some skunks (from Unity Edition).

I really love fan art. What more can be said besides that?

Curious Cat

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