Development Update: June 6th, 2022

Public Budget Report

Want to see how we’re wasting all your money on cocaine and jawbreakers? You can see it here!

Coding, Art, And Other Stuff

I have completed the map layout work for Westwoods, the next section of chapter 2. Obviously, I still have a lot of work to go. Enemies, scenario, map glue, save points, etc. But hey, the layouts are done!

We had a fundraiser for friend of the team Sinpai last week, so the artists are now working on fulfilling those obligations. Maybe you’ll get to see some of it? I don’t know, it’s up to the people who requested it.

Okay the stuff DrDiss made, you’ll see that. Hoo boy.

Fan Art! Fan Art!

This piece was done by Miraimiru on DeviantArt! It’s Werecat Christine! Commissioned by Justin Kinniger.

Werecats have such a cute widdle nose I love them.

Next up, we have a series of the best thing in the world: Doll Transformations! Christine got turned into a doll, and then decided to help her “friends” get the same treatment. My fave is Lotta because god I love maids, but god damn do Mei and Sanya’s outfits get me.

And here we have SLAYER SANYA by Chris from Discord.

I don’t think she needs the rifle when she has her bare hands.

Lastly, we have a strange piece. Artist Chris from Discord said he’d make a piece for me (Salty) if I worked a couple more hours instead of playing video games or whatever after a workday. So I finished a bunch of maps until my eyes were crossed, and we got: Command Unit Sanya!

We even got inexplicable emotes in case some maniac (not me) wants to mod them in.

Big thanks to all of our wonderful fan artists and followers! Enjoy!

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