Development Update: June 13th, 2022

Art and Coding

Unfortunately, Urimas got an infection in his cheek and the pain kept him from making all those cool tiles I need. I have finished all of the maps for the next section, including several extra maps I hadn’t intended to put in but hey, I’m insane. The maps are also glued and ready to go.

Koops finished a new concept for the raptor girls, but it’s not colored yet so I’ll put it up for patrons next week. Chicken finished her art obligations for the fundraiser and that will be our everyone bonus stuff.

Hund did a bunch of weird alternate low-money TFs for Mei, like water, gold, invisible, and ice. They take an hour or two each and might be something we explore in the future to get you more of the content you crave.

Fan Art

Holy shit do we have some fan art for you. This first piece was sent in anonymously. I love the hell out of it.

First, the evil marionette transforming the girls from last week, by BlueLily.

And also by BlueLily, we have jester transformations! My favourite is Lotta with the pawprint pattern, can’t beat that.

How about Gravemarker Lotta? Done by artist HadezMuze. With enough guns to kill a whole crowd of non-believers!

And lastly, a comic about Lotta (Gee are you noticing a pattern?) finding a doll girl and just… taking her along. Will it continue to be a thing? Find out!

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