Development Update: June 27th, 2022

Code and Art

I’m still working away on Project Monoceros. As part of that development work, I updated the pathing algorithms and added some more mod capabilities for remapping paths. I might start using the new pathing system in chapter 2!

Chicken is on a break for the time being. Koops is currently battling the most dangerous foe an artist can face: Art Block. I’m sure she’ll overcome it. Urimas got me some tiles and icons and is currently making our most stupid/ambitious set of tiles for chapter 2. Hund is doing a nice landscape and then presumably is off to work on the chapter 2 map for Westwoods.

Fan Art

It’s Ghost Jeanne by HadezMuze! Who likes DnD and goblins! Never let a DnD fan start talking about it or they won’t stop.

Curious Cat

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