Announcing Project Monoceros!

Project Monoceros is the codename for an upcoming RPG set to be released this year. It follows three vampire hunters working to stop an evil vampiress who has taken over a small island east of where chapter 1 takes place. That’s right, it’s a Pandemonium Gaiden Game!

And that means you get transformations. Unlike the main Pandemonium game, this one uses a new Battle-TF system. Characters can get transformed when hit by enemy attacks, and even become enemies if you don’t do something about it. But with the help of some magical charms provided by the church, you can use the enemy’s transformations against them!

Izana is from the order of Witch Hunters, authorized by the church to investigate a fog that has shrouded an island. She meets Caelyn, a knight from Rondheim, and Cyrano, a local bush-priest. Together they will fight their way through several different areas and beat up a bunch of different enemies, from harpies to slimes to ice dragons.

The game runs on top of Pandemonium as a mod, but is a standalone experience. We expect the cost will be $10-$15 USD on Steam/ We will have a means of getting free copies for Patrons to be announced as we get closer to the release date.

Unlike other Bottled Starlight projects, this one is being worked on by me (Salty. Hi!) and TheChicMonster, who I have collaborated with multiple times. She’s handling all the art and sprites. Music is by DrDissonance, and I just sorta pointed him at the Castlevania soundtracks so I think we’re going to get some good ones.

Because TheChicMonster isn’t actually a Bottled Starlight team member, development expenses aren’t going under the patreon’s umbrella. Don’t worry, work on Pandemonium is continuing while this project is being made because those wacky artists are always behind.

Our goal is to have a playable prototype ready at the end of July, which will feature four playable transformations (and accompanying bad-ends), a couple boss fights, and lots of stupid witty dialogue.

The UI will be getting an update as we get further along. My goal is to have this game finished later this year, possibly for a winter release. Look forward to it!

Other Development Stuff

Koops finished the Raptors concept, Urimas isn’t sick anymore and has gotten me lots of tiles, and Hund is working on a charity piece. I’m going to spend the rest of the month getting Monoceros ready for the prototype (which also doubles as the game’s demo) and then spend July getting Pandemonium ready for its next release.

How can one person work on two projects like this? Joke’s on you I’m working on four. More on the other ones later.

Fan Art

The Lotta/Doll comic is now actually a running thing and I’m thinking it’ll be better to post it when it’s complete. If you haven’t joined our Discord yet, the link is in the link pile at the bottom of the post. Pages are getting posted in our pad-emonium chat.

But here’s Princess Odar by Luuco! Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if Odar was a girl? Well now you know (hint: HOT). This would not have stopped Sanya from beating her up though.

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