Melting Update: Melt 18th, Pool of Liquid

WHY IS IT SO HOT. I know, don’t answer.

Coding and Drawing Things

Despite my keyboard bursting into flame, I finished most of the prototype work for Monoceros. I’ve been dealing with bugs and adding polish. Because the best Monday is August 1st, that’s our target for the prototype.

Urimas has been helping out with sprites due to a sudden unexpected absence for Chic. Chicken is mostly back to work, but has a lot of day-job shifts coming up. Koops managed to shake off the art block and has completed Sanya Harpy, but this week patrons (and non patrons!) will instead be voting on raptors.

Don’t worry you’ll get Harpy Sanya next week.

Fan Art

First up we have Christine getting turned into a mouse robot by Lux! I mean Lux didn’t turn her into a robot, the core did – you know what, forget it.

I liked it so much and there’s a big hole in my head, so I even got HadezMuze to draw Jeanne Mousebot!

Everyone loves maids. Maybe a bit too much. So here’s the entire gang as maids by BlueLily!

I like cyber-maid Lotta but sporty-maid Talia is also pretty great. This is also the rare depiction that has Jeanne taller than everyone else.

Curious Cat

You know how in Jurassic Park, the raptors get smarter with each movie as the humans (and writers) get dumber? Yeah that’s not a problem with cats.

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