Development Update: July 25th, 2022

Democracy Update

The people have spoken and they want feathery tail and sickle feet on the raptor girls. Okay. You’ll get what you want – this time.

Coding and Stuff

I still am hauling ass to have Monoceros ready next week. The prototype goes live on the 1st or August. I had to pull Urimas in to make some sprites for it, and Chic is going to finish up the rest of the art this week.

Meanwhile, Koops and Chicken are BACK ON THEIR BULLSHIT and making more art. Chicken will be doing enemies, Koops doing some more character concepts.

Hund finished the Westwoods map and region marker, and now I don’t have anything for her to do. Maybe dig up coal? Plant potatoes?

Fan Art

As an update to last week, the maids got colored! It really makes Talia look cool with the turquoise highlights. Cybermaid Lotta is still my fave.

Because apparently the mousebots are all going to be perspective shots, here’s Mousebot Mei from Hadezmuze. I wonder what will happen?


Curious Cat

Woah look at that Dmitri.

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