Development Update: August 8th, 2022

We Were On A Podcast

The Changing Times TF podcast had us on to record a stunning 2.5 hour session where we discussed Pandemonium, it’s history, challenges, how we do art, and Koops’ cats. The episode is currently in editing and I’ll post a link as soon as it’s up, which may take a bit. Get psyched!

Monoceros Update

People responded very well so far to Monoceros, which is good. I have to talk with Chic about it, but I think the plan will be to have a set of milestones that we’ll shoot for, and post updates when we reach those. More on that next week.

Otherwise, the result has been very positive and I’m looking forward to working on it. Our current goal for release is September 2023, as Chic is doing all the art herself and has a day job. We’ll average a few images per week and when they’re done, the game ships.

Fan Art

There is some fan art in the pipe, but it’s not done yet. You’ll get to see it when it is, or you can get into our Discord and check the Pad-emonium chat!

Development Update

Chicken surprised everyone this week by not ramming her face into an object in the hopes of breaking it, and instead doing some art! Patrons get to see it today. I’ll push the wind elemental to next week to give Koops a bit of time to finalize it.

Otherwise, I’m currently working on an unannounced project with an unannounced artist. I should be able to finish everything up this week, then it’s back to RoP. Urimas is doing sprites, Hunt just did a piece…

Which depicts the biolabs in chapter 5! This was done as part of the charity stream we did some months back. Now you know what the residential domiciles and hydroponics buildings look like! We even have clouds in there due to magic science!

Hey Did You Know Pashaimeru Still Makes Games?

Longtime fans and people who read the second part of this sentence will know that Pashaimeru is the person who made the original Pandemonium games for Inform like 10 years ago. Well guess what, they’re still making games, and just released the first version of Faescape! Follow that twitter for updates and stuff. We’re all wishing you well!

Curious Cat

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