Project Monoceros Prototype Released!

Get it here (Mediafire / (Win/Lin/Mac bundled)

Updated August 2nd, 2022: Version 1.01. Fixed the inventory bug and the vendor bugs, plus a few others and made imps spawn a bit more.

What the hell is Monoceros?

You can find out more about it on this page. I’ve been working on it for two months with art by TheChicMonster. We’re going to finish it later this year in between me working on the other 20 projects I have going on at once.

It runs on the same engine as Pandemonium (in fact it is a mod of Pandemonium) so engine upgrades apply to Pandemonium as well. It’s a battle-TF game inspired by Abyss Cave. You don’t need any more details, just go play it you nard.

This prototype contains four TFs and associated bad ends. I haven’t put in the boss bad ends, and the UI needs an overhaul since the game doesn’t use the same damage types and has its own skill system. These may or may not get patched into the prototype, or I might just save them for the final game.

My goal is to have Monoceros ready by the end of the year, but you how plans are with us indie programmers. More details on it as it develops.

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