Development Update: August 22nd, 2022

Coding, Art, and Whatever Mario Does

As is the case during the run up to a dev cycle, I spent most of the week adding small features and fixing little bugs. Modders now have better access to the chat and costume handlers, for example, and the AdventureLevel lua finally got organized. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

Urimas is making some sprites for Monoceros because I asked him to, more on that below. Koops is currently working through some commissions and Hund is unassigned THANK GOD but will probably have to start making maps soon.

MarioneTTe THE RARELY SEEN whose blade has never tasted defeat has been updating the werebat TF. He told me he hated it and is unhappy with his work, which means it’s typical writer malaise.

Monoceros Stuff

Monoceros is going to get a new prototype sometime next month which will include a number of bug fixes as well as graphical updates. Your characters will change based on which charm you’re wearing, allowing you to roleplay as a werewolf at last!

Otherwise, the next update for Monoceros you’ll hear of is at the end of October, when Chic will deliver her first art batch to me.

Curious Cat

Fan Art

Pop quiz: What’s better than a mousebot?

Two mousebots. Look at their tiny little noses!

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