Where’s the TF?! No, not beef. Werebats don’t eat beef.

Good evening (or morning, or afternoon, or… whatever time it is for you)! MarioneTTe, here!

I don’t post often, but I felt I owed everyone a bit of info on the Werebat TF. It is coming along, but I’ve ran into a bit of a personal snag on it. I don’t know if I’m obsessing about it more than I really should be, but for some reason, this TF feels more weighty than a normal TF does for the story in my own mind.

Maybe it’s because it’s an easy-to-miss TF that I want to have a special kick for when someone finds it late in a run or in an NG+ run.

Maybe it’s because it’s a bit of a unique TF and I want to give it that extra sliver of TLC.

Maybe because Pyxxis is fond of bat gals and I feel like the Team’s Choice TFs (TM) (C) needs a bit more polish.

Or maybe I’m simply obsessing over it.

Whatever it is, I feel like the Werebat TF needs to be… more… before it gets released.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been using the wrong tone for the scene. My goal for the scene is to make it a bit spicier than the Steam Droid TF from Chapter 5. Nothing overt, but hints and allusions with a bit of a kick at the end if you can read between the lines.

Instead, it’s coming out more like a solo Raiju scene (also from Chapter 5, except definitely not solo).

ANYWAY! The Werebat TF is just around the corner, Come Hells or High Water. And hopefully Salty isn’t too upset at this unexpected little post!