Development Update: September 19th, 2022

Coding and Art

Everything is ready for the Monoceros release except 4 sprite sheets from Urimas. Let’s all collectively tell Urimas to get me those damn sprites.

In other news, I added some code for “deep water” and “deep snow” etc. These areas makes your characters sink and can optionally prevent them from running. I intend to use these in a few spots to suddenly make you consider how you evade enemies.

Otherwise, I’m making scenes and stuff for chapter 2. The last one I wrote was REALLY funny and dumb. I’m proud of how dumb it is. So more of that.

Lost Media

Remember that podcast? It’s still in post-production.

Remember that story? Amazon declared it TOO HOT and Mario has to edit and resubmit it.

Remember Going Bananas, the tv-sitcom from the 70’s about a banana-loving monkey with superpowers and a bunch of humans who hang out with it? Only two episodes still exist that I know of. Shame.

Fan Art

Remember Splatoon?

Sanya keeps getting kicked out because she beats the other players with the end of her charger when she’s out of ink.

Curious Cat

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