Development Update: September 12, 2022

Monoceros Stuff

I got done all of the required backend improvements for Monoceros, and am now waiting on some sprites. There will be an update when I get them. Otherwise I have to finish some stuff on another project (damn that Chic being so productive!) and then it’s more cutscenes for chapter 2. Urimas is working on the sprites, Hund is getting me the next map/region marker for chapter 2, and those other artists are designing scary monsters. Those monsters are in the sketch/line phase so you’ll see them later.

If things stop GETTING IN THE WAY I want to have the next release for chapter 2 out in October. But there is a big thing that’s going to get in the way in October so who knows. I’ll let you know more about that later.

String Tyrant Story!?

I was commissioned to write a String Tyrant prequel! Holy crap! With some extra character art by HadezMuze (thanks so much for enabling my bad habits)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Go read it you jerks, it’s free. It gets pretty spicy, too, and maybe you’ll learn some new lore.

Other Media

The cover for our next Amazon story is now ready, made by Yuuta Wisp! He was very excited that he could make it in his own style, so excited that he invoiced us for less than expected. Ha ha!

Mario was busy this weekend (presumably at some sort of stoat convention) so the story will be up by next update post.

I’ve also been told the podcast we appeared on is in the editing phase and should be ready last week. So let’s hope it comes out this week.

Who Said Fan Art?

I asked HadezMuze to imagine a darkmatter/Mei fusion form and now we got black hole Mei. Keep those darkmatters coming people.

Curious Cat

Sometimes I hide pictures of actual cats in here. Not like you’d ever know, they’re very stealthy.

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