Development Update: November 7th, 2022

Coding and Stuff

The longstanding “Black screen on new game” bug has been fixed, thanks to SEVERAL DAYS of bug hunting. It will be rolled into the upcoming patch. I’ve also made several refactoring improvements to the enemy AI, which will make improving them in the future easier, and they already have some new tricks. Enemies will now alert other enemies they run past and they will share where they last saw you, and spread out in search for longer. You’ll need to break LOS and hide a lot more to avoid enemies.

Otherwise, I’m mostly done all the extra dialogue writing for the next part of chapter 2. I decided to “outsource” some of the pamphlet writing, for all the good that’s going to do. Mario is currently writing the bunny TF, and I’m going to be doing enemy layouts next. Urimas had better get me my damn tilesets!

Fan Art

A new fan artist appears, and their first work: An alraune! My (second) favourite form! Good pick. Art by Erorr418.

And a Dreamer fan piece by the same artist! It’s even better!

I think outfit swaps need to be done for way more characters. Have Izuna and Zeke switch outfits! Wait.

And lastly, possibly Hadez Muze’s best piece yet, it’s Sage from Monoceros! Moths have such cool designs in real life, it’s a shame people don’t draw them more.

Curious Cat


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