Development Update: November 15th, 2022

Code and Stuff

All the maps are in place, I’m working through topics and examination text. Chicken is “back” and will be getting me Bunny Sanya ASAP so she can make it into the prototype. Amazingly, I actually delegated some work so the initial balance pass will be done by Pyxxis and not me. Amazing! Maybe the prototype will be ready on time. Otherwise, I was cleaning up some of the bugs that have been reported.

Let’s all give Urimas a collective kick up the ass to get me my sprites.

I am hoping the release will be out at the end of November. Worst case, first part of December.

Curious Cat

Fan Art

The great thing about dolls is that, even if you miss, they don’t mind. But Lotta doesn’t miss.

Parsley is absolutely getting a cameo.

And here’s Jeanne Imp! Really has that succubus vibe but who am I to judge.

A Pile of Links

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Maiden Sealed in Stone, a game Salty translated!

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