Pandemonium v4.10 Released to Patrons!

As usual, you can get it on the patron downloads page. If you want it via Steam or, the Steam instructions for the beta are on the patron downloads page.

What’s that? You can’t remember where the patron download page is? You can find it in the pinned post on Patreon! Subscribers from Subscribestar will get their own version of the post, too.

What’s in version 4.10? Two major new areas, a new town with tons of NPCs, two new playable forms (Harpy and Bunny), a new party member, a pile of new enemies and items, bugfixes, backend improvements, enemy AI changes, and UI upgrades. It’s got everything you need!

If you’re a new user and don’t know how to get this stuff: You need to be a patron/subscriber, or buy the game for 1$ on The links are at the bottom of every blog post.

Fan Art

We got DOUBLE CHRISTINE this week. What a time to be alive!

By popular vote, she is throwing the water bottle at the camera, not stealing it.

Curious Cat

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You thought you were safe from cats because it’s the links section. GOT YOU.

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