Development Update: December 12th, 2022

Coding and Stuff

A bugfix patch was released to Patrons/Subscribers/Steam/Itch (it’s on the downloads page if you missed it) fixing most of the bugs that were reported last week. There’s a couple minor collision bugs leftover. The artists are back to work and I actually got some of the Empress emotes! Hooray!

This will be a short month because The Holidays are upon us. The Werecat story cover is now complete so expect the Amazon release of that just in time for your weirdo Christmas gifts of… soft/hardcore porn stories about transformation. Okay.

I am currently working on Project Carnation, more details later on. I will also be finishing up Peak Freaks this month (hopefully) and getting Monoceros done in the early parts of 2023.


What a handsome boy.

Curious Cat

Fan Art

Based off the bunny designs from chapter 2, we have Princess Zelda! She looks too cool NOT to be a playable character in BOTW 2 right? Right, Nintendo?

You know at some point I’m going to have to break it to people that Jeanne is a nerdy, quiet type. Until then, keep making fan art of her as a badass.

The Link Pile

Rationally debate this post on the forums!    Discussion thread for String Tyrant!
Monoceros will get a forum thread once the demo comes out sometime in 2023.

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