Development Update: December 19th, 2022

As a head’s up, there will be a very short update post next week. Obviously I’m out of town doing Holiday Things.

Coding and Art

Chicken is working on emotes, Koops is doing some raptors, and Urimas is taking a break. Hund is making an explosion, it’s gonna be cool. Me, I’m working on Peak Freaks, which should be hopefully releasing in January, and Project Carnation. More details on Carnation later, once it’s a bit further along.

Peak Freaks is an action-puzzle game where you play as a dude who looks a lot like Master Higgins from Adventure Island. Your goal is to use puzzle blocks to climb across procedurally-generated race tracks and go for the best time, and/or sabotage an AI-controlled rival for kicks.

The art is done by Chicmonster (same artist as the one working on Monoceros) and I (Salty) did the coding. I presume it’ll be available for cheap on, that’s up to Chic.

Curious Cat

Fan Art

Artist HadezMuze made Sanya in a maid outfit and then asked for input. I said it was unfair that Zeke didn’t also get to wear a maid outfit. I regret nothing.

There’s also this alt:

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