Development Update: January 9th, 2023

Budget Report

We do periodic budget reports. This is the report for the second half of 2022. It’s very exciting, there’s so many numbers and they go up and down and wooo!

Development Stuff

All the artists are now back to work. Urimas is making some special sprites, Chicken is finishing the Empress emotes and then wants to work on Cave Crawler Sanya. Koops is making a very special character for the next part of chapter 2. Hund is redoing the map for chapter 1 to update it to the drawn-on style of chapter 2, and it will also feature dungeon maps!

I’m working on Monoceros for the months of January and probably February. More on that in the end-of-January report on that game. Once I have that done I’ll be making the Harpy Tower Defense minigame for chapter 2.

Help Wanted

There is now exactly enough slack in our budget that we can commission an outside artist to make emotes for us. Emotes are very draining because they’re so repetitive but people love how much they bring to the conversations. We’ll be hiring artists on a contract basis to make emote sheets for us! If you know an artist (or are one!) who might fit, send them to this page.

Version 4.12 Released

It’s a bugfix release. Fixed a problem with warping and a lot of small tile issues and typos.

Curious Cat

If you’re wondering why there’s so many, it’s because I was out of town for most of December. This is the backlog. Also there’s Pumpkin and boy is she a cutie.

Fan Art!

Probably the best piece by Hadezmuze yet, it’s Lotta and her faithful doll maid Parsley. When I showed this to Chicken, he said “Is that supposed to be Lotta? More like LOTTA HIPS!”. I work with these people, be glad you don’t.

Also what if Mei was a mannequin? Also by Hadezmuze. I like mannequins what can I say. I don’t know why.

The Link Pile

Rationally debate this post on the forums!    Discussion thread for String Tyrant!
Monoceros will get a forum thread once the demo comes out sometime in 2023.

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