Development Update: February 6tthhthhth, 2023ththth


Big team meeting today to discuss who we were going to hire for our new emote artist. We need a few more bits but we’re closing in on the candidate. Get psyched.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished most of the Monoceros maps, glued them together, and am 90% done the baseline scripting (encountering bosses and stuff, not topics and sidequests). I’ll be doing enemy placement and crafting balance this week.

Urimas is still making sprites, the bastard. Chicken just finished a concept for the upcoming harpy tower defense, and is actually half done the Rubber Queen Mei costume. Remember that? What we promised years ago? Yeah! That’s happening!

Koops is making some characters for chapter 2, Wispy has shown some damn cool looking sketches for the werebat TF, and MarioneTTe.

Curious CAT is Curious BACK

Wait is that Niko?

It’s actually bigfoot.

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