Monoceros Milestone 2

Regular Game Update Stuff

Stinkehund has finished the map rework for chapter 1. Chicken is currently assigned to make Cavecrawler Sanya, after which the next assignments are for the chapter 1 updates. Koops has finished some emotes for the next part of chapter 2 and then has to work on some Harpy Tower Defense stuff.

If I told you Urimas has made some sprites and tiles, you wouldn’t believe me but, he has. I was just as shocked as you.

Monoceros Time

So what has been done in the past few months since the last major update? Well, Chic went insane and finished ALL of the monster/boss art. Yeah, it’s all done. Lined, colored, etc. So let’s look at some of it.

I thought it might be fun to show off the fish-person because of the fact that a reverse-mermaid is going to need flippers to swim on their human feet. The poor fellas seem to have gotten the worst of both worlds.

Meanwhile, you can see the finished version of the firefly (the sketch was on the last post). Pretty spiffy and I know our insect fans will enjoy her design.

Meanwhile, here we have the second imp variant, with an increase in stats and attitude to match. I wanted to have some more demonic variety since only two demon types show up in this game (Imp and Succubus) so we got two imp variants, an enemy succubus, and a boss succubus. On the right is the frozen shade, an ice elemental who just wants to cuddle. The ice boss has a unique mechanic to quickly TF your party into frozen shades but I think you’ll be able to figure out how to counter it (tip: one of the four elements of damage in the game is FIRE).

Chic’s next task is to finish sketching all the different player forms, then line and color them. Here’s alraune form, because every game set on Pandemonium is going to have alraunes if I can make it that way. I just like plantgirls okay?

And here we have spooky ghosts! Caelyn can’t help but being cute even when she’s dead.

Chic thinks she can get all the form artwork done in February which is bold to say the least. However, I had not expected her to finish all the enemy art by January so maybe she can pull it off, who knows.

Yeah But What the Salty Doin?

I spent most of December working on Project Carnation and Pandemonium (which you may have seen in the form of a release for Pandemonium and several bugfix patches), but all of January has been allocated to Monoceros.

As such, I’ve completed the maps for about 90% of the main game. As mentioned in the previous post, the game has 11 main areas and 7 optional areas. The last two areas are fairly compact, but I need Urimas to make tiles for me to complete them, so instead I’ve been gluing the maps together, putting in basic scripting, fixing errors, etc. You can almost walk from the start of the game to the end. Obviously no monsters are in yet as that’d make finding bugs harder.

Pyxxis has put together a basic stat line for every enemy in the game. We’ll be working on putting in updated crafting materials and items next. I should have map glue finished up this week and will be working on scripting until Urimas gets me the tilesets I need.

I get that map screenshots are a lot less exciting than monsters and stuff but believe me, I put a lot of work into the visuals here.

Okay So What Now?

I’m going to finish the maps in February, then hopefully get all the scriptwork done. Combat balance will have to wait until maybe March. I also have to work on the Harpy Tower Defense for chapter 2 in March. Chic is going to finish all the player art, and then move on to updating the game’s UI, giving it a title screen, etc.

Our next update post is End-Of-April. Most of the game should be done at that point, though with an incomplete combat balance and probably riddled with bugs. At that point we’ll figure out our release date and plans.

How About Some Fan Art?

Hey it’s Izana looking really tough and definitely prepared for whatever comes.

Oh no! Verand’s curse has turned her into a brainless pooltoy! Whatever will she do? (Hint: Hang out in Verand’s pool, what else?)

This was done by The Doodler who you should go commission hey wait IS THAT AN AMOGUS!?!?! I’m going to kill him.

We also have a blushing Lotta from HadezMuze. I forgot to post it last week so now it’s permanently a part of the Monoceros Milestone 2 update.

Curious Cat

Is broken right now. It takes a long time to load and never shows questions. Presumably it needs some fixing so, for the time being, we’ll have to take drastic measures. I hope you people deserve this.

The scholar ponders (or is maybe sleeping).

“Wow, that’s a pretty good cat”, you think to yourself, “But what if he was a little bit more dangerous?”

There are no words.

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