Development Update: March 13th, 2023

Coding, Sprites, Stuff

Stinkehund is currently working on a map for Monoceros, with the outline being done. Urimas is getting me various ice sculptures and Chicken has moved on to Cave-crawler Sanya. Koops got sick so get well soon, Koops.

I’m currently slogging through the combat balance of Monoceros, having redone it from top to bottom. A few pieces of equipment and most of the skills got carried over, but every enemy has a new set of stats. I’ve also taken the bold move of making level-ups cost money. You don’t get XP from beating up enemies, you get more money and can spend it to level up, or buy skills. This adds a lot of customization and choice which is good because I wanted to make this a smaller game without having all the extra stuff like JP and classes, and this seems to have done that without increasing the dev time much.

Bonus Stuff?

After 10,000 years Rubber Queen Mei’s design is complete! Chicken went overboard on the details like usual, including redoing the crown, but damn if it didn’t turn out spectacular in the end.

This will be getting added in the upcoming chapter 1 update, along with a few other things. It doesn’t have any talk sprites yet but please let us sleep we’re so tired.

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