Development Update: March 20th, 2023

Code and Stuff

I am presently working my way through the next part of the balance of Monoceros, making new loot tables and getting stomped by enemies that are 5 levels above where they should be. Urimas is getting me a bunch of new item icons for all the new crafting crap and the backend now has several AI improvements.

Koops has recovered and gots us some arts, while Chicken hasn’t said anything to me NO MATTER HOW MANY WHISKEYS I SEND.

Stinkehund has finished the map for Monoceros and has actually volunteered to make levels for chapter 2. If this works out it’ll be a massive boost since mapping is very draining. Everyone say thank you to her.

Curious Cat

Remember when I said I’d show you five cats?

I lied.

Here’s six.

The Link Pile

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