Development Update: April 3rd, 2023

Development Stuff

I’m about 80% done the combat balance and testing of Monoceros. I have some “people” helping with dialogue portraits and combat callouts so I can focus on the minutiae. Urimas is making sprites of the characters, Pyxxis is doing balance testing, and Chic had an idea for the combat UI that we’ll be discussing later.

Chicken is currently working on Cave-Crawler Sanya, but just started a new job this month so we’ll see how that goes. Koops is doing harpy tower defense stuff.

Curious Cats

Fun fact: Someone actually did stroll up to Koops and ask to be one of her cats. That person? Niko.

The Links

Rationally debate this post on the forums!    Discussion thread for String Tyrant!
Monoceros will get a forum thread once the demo comes out sometime in 2023.

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