Development Update: April 10th, 2023

Coding and Stuff

I am balancing the last area of Monoceros and the final boss. After that it’s on to the sidequests of the game. Chicken got sick, Koops was making Easter stuff for charity, Dmitri was helping (more on that below) and Urimas is making sprites for Monoceros.

DrDiss also got sick so I don’t even have all the music for Monoceros yet. It’ll all come together I promise.

I’m also done most of the edits for Peak Freaks, which has now officially taken way too long to complete. Can’t wait to be done with this game!

Dmitri the OHSA Inspector

Dmitri uses his long neck to inspect the toy eggs for children.

Curious Cat

The Link Pile

Rationally debate this post on the forums!    Discussion thread for String Tyrant!
Monoceros will get a forum thread once the demo comes out sometime in 2023.

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