Game Art – Imp and Bee!

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Disclaimer: Anything I’m about to write concerning the two races and how they may or may not play may be(e) subject to change.  Nothing was ever finalized.  Rather, these are just from casual conversation I’ve had with Salty.



Of course the Imp would be one of the first redrawn!  I’ve always thought of the Imp race in general as the mascot race of this game.  Though, that may be because the mascot of the game is an Imp.

Anyways, so to my knowledge, the Imp will still play the same, more or less.  No new changes or anything, gameplay wise.  And perhaps that’s for the better, considering that the choices behind the monster races were to have a variety of gameplay.  And the other three will definitely play differently from the Imp.

Now, on the art end, I do want to have the heroines’ original clothes shine through more even when they’re transformed into an imp.  You see, while it is nice in the original that Sanya kept a swim-suit theme throughout all her transformations that had clothes,  I wished that the other five also had their clothes a bit more represented.  As such, it’s planned that for all transformations with clothing, all the heroines’ clothes, or at least the theme of their clothes, will be kept.  It won’t just be Sanya.



It’s a bee girl!  In all technicality, this race is new to House of Pandemonium.  If you paid attention to my last post, I did add the part about the two new races being new to at least HoP.  That being said, while the bee girl did exist in Chambers of Pandemonium, she will play differently here.

From what I gathered from Salty, she will not play like she did in Chambers.  When you’re human, she’ll force-feed you honey after you’ve been knocked down to transform you.  However, this isn’t quick transformation.  It’ll be incremental, partial, kind of like the slime girl at the moment.  Unlike the slime girl, eating this honey and having partial transformations will actually benefit your stats.  Also, the bee girl is likely to leave honey around the mansion so it is up to you if you want that extra boost.  Essentially, it’s a “power at a cost” sort of deal.

Other News

So, currently it’s finals week for me, a college student.  And only a few days after my finals are done, I’m going on a two week vacation back to the Philippines.  For the record, this is why the art will most likely not get done before the end of January.  I won’t have any time to draw when I’m on my trip.  However, lucky for me, my entire winter break is actually a month.  So that other half of break will be spent working on this game.  Well, a huge portion of it anyways.

And, luckily, next semester won’t be as harsh on me so I’ll have more time to work on this.  I’m just as impatient about wanting some new monster races to play in the game.  Heck, even new characters.  So, it’s a good thing I’ll have more time next semester.

Oh, on another note, I want to say that someone brought up in my last post that Talia did not have her elf ears showing.  In truth, I forgot about Talia having elf ears or her being an elf in general during the time when I was drawing her.  I did add the elf ears in upon seeing that comment so for those of you who were wondering about it, don’t worry.

Anyways, I’d love to hear what you guys think on anything.  Whether it’s a random, passing thought, an comment on something I could have done better or I should have added, or a whole spiel on how you would a future monster race to look, I’m all ears.

Until next time~

2 thoughts on “Game Art – Imp and Bee!

  1. Well, since you wanted some comments… 😛

    After you mentioned that you’d forgotten Talia was an elf at all when you were drawing her, I’m wondering how much of her background you had in mind when you were re-designing her – she looks much more… peppy? than in the original HoP, where she was predominantly worried/upset/etc. In the original game, Talia’s mother, the previous queen, had just died, and she was hours away from her coronation as the new Queen Regnant when she was swiped away to Pandemonium, however that works. Her expression and body language doesn’t seem to match that background at all – she seems too happy for someone (especially someone so young-looking) who’d just lost a parent and had a kingdom thrust upon her shoulders. …Kind of suspiciously happy, to be honest. If the game had a storyline, I’d probably be watching for her to turn out to be a demon/dark elf/etc. or have murdered her own mother for the crown, or something.

    (Not intending to criticize you or demanding you change anything, just giving feedback.)


    1. Haha. Well, I did definitely remember she was a princess. And I remembered some burden was cast upon her but I couldn’t remember the specifics. However, when I was designing her, the problem I had going on in my head was that she kept looking too… similar to Jeanne. And that was annoying me for some reason. So I ended up going a different route altogether that I thought could have some interesting implications.

      On a related note to this, I have talked with Salty before about how this was a chance to give more personality to all the characters and to change some things here and there. And so I took this chance and did a combination of how I saw them in the game and how I wanted them to be. But I’m still wondering how these changes came across to everyone and how everyone perceives the characters based off of how I drew them.


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