Development Update: December 19th, 2016

Salty here. No new release this week, just a progress report to indicate that we’re still making things.

Probably won’t be a release next week either, as it’s the holidays and you all know what that means.

First Look: Corrupter Mode

Here you can see some of the prototype parts for Corrupter Mode, which I started work on this week after slapping together some design documents.

Eagle/Harpy-eyed players will notice that the player has a new resource: MP (Magic Power) which they can use to summon more monsters. This resource increases slowly over time, and there will be a wide variety of ways to get more MP. MP can also be used to cast spells (not pictured, the UI for it is not complete) which vary based on the species the player has selected at game start.

All of the different monster species have a different set of spells, providing a unique challenge. Overwhelm the humans with an army of self-replicating podlings, or crash into them with offensive pixie magic, or lay devious traps as an imp or a fairy.

The player also begins the game in disguise as one of the humans. The humans will not attack you outright, but doing suspicions actions while they can see you will slowly tip them off. If your cover is blown, you’ll have to attack them directly. There will be several methods of subverting them without violence, if you’re so inclined.

UI Improvements

Some parts of the UI now use a black/gold border instead of the atrocity that came before. Rune has promised to improve the UI but that’ll be a ways in the future, as game art takes priority. I will also be redoing some sections of the UI in the interest of adding an in-game tutorial (probably just some helpful screenshots and a list of the hotkeys) and making the options menu less of a crime against fashion.

The Mac Report

The Mac-Mini I ordered is set to arrive this week, but due to the holidays it will likely not be until January that I manage to get a mac/linux build put together. Even if it contains no new content, I will definitely make that a priority when it arrives.


Rune reports that there will, in fact, be time for art during his vacation this holiday season. No doubt you’ll all receive an art post showing you the new monster designs.

There will likely not be any enhanced graphics for the first release of Corrupter Mode, just due to the timetable. Enhanced Mode’s first prototype will probably be released sometime in February.

I have finished the main floor of the mansion in 3D mode to… my satisfaction, anyway. I’ll be revisiting some parts to improve them, particularly the dining hall. All that’s left is now the top floor and 3D mode will be feature-complete.

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