Development Update: February 6th, 2017

Salty here, a development update this week. I’ve been house-sitting this week so I haven’t gotten as much done as I might like to.

Version 2.00a has gotten over 1500 downloads in its first week, which is better than expected! I’ve gotten some good suggestions on the forums and will be putting out a new update for Corrupter Mode probably next week.

A Patron-exclusive mini-update will be coming up this week as well to show off some of the new enemy art for Adventure Mode. If you want to see it you’ll need to become a patron, or wait until Adventure Mode’s first release comes out (ETA unknown). We’ve got the design work done for Adventure Mode and I’ve been working on the scaffolding for the combat system. It’s not much to look at yet, but at least it’ll be functional.

I’ve also been posting a series of Meet-the-Team posts on Patreon. You can find Chickenwhite’s here and Stinkehund’s here, with more to come for the other team members. These posts also show a bit of upcoming enemy concept art, so check them out!

As always, a huge thanks to our (currently) 10 backers for 31USD per month! The sprites for the game are currently being funded directly by your contributions. If you want to see this game continue, become a patron today!

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