Development Update: February 13th, 2017

Salty here. I spent the previous week house-sitting for some vacationers, so while I got a lot done on Adventure Mode, I’m still behind (working with an unfamiliar keyboard in a chair that hurts my back is not a recipe for success). As such, the planned update to Corrupter Mode will be released next week.

The update will include some more Golem spells and a slight reworking of the mechanics to include weapon durability. Weapons will spawn more often, but they can break from use and humans are vulnerable if you can break their weapons. Of course, some spells will allow you to even trap weapons in this regard. Classic mode will be unaffected, of course.

On the Adventure Mode front, I’ve added room connectivity, a prototype combat system, doors, examinable objects, NPCs, and script-triggers for puzzle solving. I’ve also completed about half of the maps for Chapter 1, with the other half requiring a few more tiles from our tile artist before I can get to them.

For patrons, you can see the process videos of the artists sketching, inking, and coloring the bee girl, a new enemy who will be present in Chapter 1. Any patron can see the videos, and other character art will also be released to patrons before the mode releases.

At the current rate, I expect the mode will have its first prototype sometime in March for public consumption, though most of the art will likely not be finished.

Until next time!

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