HoP: Remastered 200b

Comrades! This week we have a small update to Corrupter Mode, adding a few spells to the Golem and weapon durability. Head to the downloads page!

In Corrupter Mode, weapons will now last 15 swings before they break. Humans will need to seek out new weapons as they battle your army of monsters. Golems can use their Shock spell to damage those weapons, and their Reverse Polarity spell to booby-trap a weapon and make it deal considerably less damage and break earlier.

For Adventure Mode, I’ve completed cutscene work and added some basic enemy encounter capability. Patrons will be getting a prototype release sometime fairly soon, once I’ve redone the combat UI (it’s currently a text-only placeholder), added saving/loading, added enemy respawning, fixed the remaining incomplete UI parts… okay maybe not that soon.

As always, I’m open to suggestions for Corrupter Mode additions. If I don’t get any more bug reports for it, I’ll work on migrating it into 3D mode sooner or later.

Currently, Adventure Mode’s first prototype release will come out sometime in mid-March for the public. How long it will take before it is completed is unknown, we have a lot of art to go. I’ve got my artists working on it, and they do good work. Patrons get to see their art sooner, so sign up today! Or, you know, don’t.

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