Development Update: May 22nd, 2017

Unfortunately, the artists are not available until the end of the week, at which point Rune finishes his finals and can get back to coloring stuff. I do have Urimas making sprites. Hoping to finish the monster sprites by the end of the week, and after that we’re pretty much done Chapter 1’s sprites and tiles.

I’ve also finished most of the combat overhaul I had wanted to do. It’s quite different from the previous system, though it retains much of its old appearance. I’m using a much more flexible system of resistances and abilities, plus gaining transformations changes stats and unlocks abilities. There is now a reason to play as each of the forms.

I don’t think we’re on track for a May Prototype 2 at the current rate, since the art is quite a bit behind where I want it to be. There will probably be a June prototype release instead, which should have the scenario completed and playable start to finish even if the art is placeholder.