Development Update: May 29th, 2017

Comrades! This update is cross-posted on the Patreon!

So, Rune is now back to work and is promising to be able to complete one character per day, which is very welcome after having to wait for finals.

I’m still not sure exactly what my targets for the June prototype are going to be. I would love to be able to squeeze in the two remaining transformations/monsters but I’m not sure if the art will be ready in time. I think it might be best just to narrow the scope: Everything except the Quantir Mansion and the Chapter’s ending sequence will be included in the prototype in some way. You’ll be able to find the mansion but not enter it.

I did some testing with Rune this weekend. In addition to finding a bunch of little bugs, I was delighted that he enjoyed the dialogue, world, and combat overhaul. Everything seems to be on track for those parts of development.

Here’s what I’m hoping the June prototype will contain over the first prototype:

-Overhauled combat, leveling, and under-the-hood mechanics (done!)

-Expanded transformation scenes with more playable components

-Redone initial dungeon (90% done)

-Redone dimensional trap (that’s the mansion you start in the basement of)

-New defeat scenes with saucy content (specifically, Alraune loses to Bee)

-All major cutscenes before Quantir complete (One to go, other than the defeat scenes)

-Dialogue sequences with all major characters (Florentina’s is incomplete)

-Time permitting, H-Scenes with various characters. You’ll know when you see them.

-A map so you don’t get lost so often (Hund is working on it, Patrons will get to see it when it’s done!)

-Fixed Boost’s damn filesystem problems.