Development Update: June 26, 2017

I was pleasantly surprised by the response to Prototype 2. Lots of people like it and the direction it’s going in, which is a huge relief.

There was only one person who reported technical issues. I’ll be sorting those out later this week when I have time (my schedule is still ruined for maybe 2 more weeks…).

Positive News: In exchange for work on a small project, CocoMint has agreed to help as a colorist for Pandemonium! It’ll be a while before said small project is completed, but when it is our asset production speed should go up a bit.

Coding News: In the small amount of spare time I have, I’ve fixed up several of the bugs that were mentioned and made a list of fixes I need to put in. There’s a lot more content for Chapter 1 that needs to be done, so a Patron-Prototype will probably be released in August.

Patron Bonus: If you’re a Patron, click here for some bonus art.