Development Update: July 3, 2017

Reports from the front indicate that the issue with textures not loading has been resolved (Thanks, RepeatedMeme!). My schedule is still screwed for this week, but I have been trying to get some things done in what time I have.

Currently, I’m working through the (long) log of bugs, suggestions, and assorted hoo-hah that I got from Prototype 2. Presently I’m working on improvements to overworld enemies in the interest of making them more threatening. I’ve also:

  • Goats
  • Normalized skill books for both Mei and Florentina
  • Fixed up Florentina’s sprites
  • Goats
  • Florentina now has proper dialogue portraits
  • New emergency-revert scene when you lose a battle as a non-human.
  • More dialogue for plants.
  • Goats
  • New equipment vendor and Breanne sells and forges equipment.
  • Saving, Loading, etc.
  • Patrolling enemies.
  • Fast enemies.
  • Goats

Now I have to go to bed to wake up early and work myself to death. Back to the grind.