Development Update: July 10, 2017

So now I’m down to 10 more trello cards before I start work on the Quantir estate. A few of these are waiting on art assets but I can always use placeholders in the meantime.

More importantly, my schedule is opening up as of this week. I have some minor work on another project to finish up and then I can spend 4 days a week working on Pandemonium instead of the usual 1. Hurray!

Some of the tasks completed this week, during a particularly productive session, were dialogue with Florentina at campfires, combat dialogues, and some bugfixes like healing displaying in the wrong spot in combat.

Patrons: There will be a poll next week along with the budget documentation. The poll will allow you to shape my objectives for the rest of Chapter 1. If you’re not a patron, sign up today!