Development Update: July 24th, 2017

(Psst, the survey results from last week are up. Go look at democracy inaction!)

This has been another extremely productive week of development. After cleaning up the remaining bugs and minor additions from last week, I’ve finished a big chunk of new content.

New Major Event: The Salt Flats
Those who played Prototype 2 probably saw the remaining set of black borders on the southern edge of Evermoon forest. Those are gone now, and they lead to a new area: The Salt Flats. There’s only one character here, an Alraune named Adina. She’s attempting to reclaim the salt flats for the forest, but it’s a lot of hard work and she could use some help – willing or otherwise.
Features two new H-Scenes.
Extended event sequence. Also modifies some other events later in the chapter.
Very Mind-Control heavy.

New Major Event: Beehive Corruption…
There’s a basement to the beehive in northern Evermoon. It wasn’t completed in Prototype 2 so I just removed the stairs, but it’s back now. The bees are desperately holding against an unknown invasive force. With Mei and Florentina’s help, they might be able to turn the tide, but Mei might also succumb to the invasion…
New TF sequence and sort-of H-Scene.
Extended event sequence.
Has a brief dungeon to explore. It’s a side-quest, so it shouldn’t take long.
Has a miniboss battle at the end.

New Feature: Per-character Voices
When characters speak, important characters (just Mei and Florentina for now, more are on the way) will have unique text tick sounds. This really helps when there are more than two characters in a dialogue since they often have to share the same dialogue boxes. It also adds immensely to the immersion.

Other Stuff: There have been a couple more minor changes as well. Here’s the changelog differences from last time:

  • Corrected the chair depths in Trannadar Trading Post. This is an incredibly vital fix. You love it.
  • Florentina now uses the shaded images in combat and on the UI.
  • Added the Salt Flats to the southern end of Evermoon forest. There is an extended sequence here. Very sexy!
  • Added Male NPCs. Spriting!
  • Added capability for per-character text ticks. Characters without a special voice will use the default.
  • Fixed a bug where TilemapActors would lose collision after moving sometimes.
  • Added the beehive corruption mini-dungeon and associated TF sequence.

Prototype 3 News
Now for the part you skipped everything else to read: Prototype 3. There is still no release date for Prototype 3, but I have set a target for it as “End Of August”. What that means is that I want everything to be in place and complete at the end of August, but that we won’t necessarily hit that target and/or release it then. Personally I think we can do it, but if something bad happens to one of the artists (or me…) then we’ll have to miss it. Hence why I am not setting a hard release date.

To be complete, Prototype 3 will need:

  • The Quantir Mansion completed
  • Nix Nedar completed
  • The Dimensional Trap basement mini-dungeon completed
  • The Dimensional Trap upper floor mini-dungeon completed
  • The Dimensional Trap main-floor redesign completed
  • Werecat TF and event sequence completed
  • Ghost Maid TF and event sequence completed
  • Breanne’s flower subquest completed
  • Florentina’s past subquest completed
  • Old map enemy redesign completed
  • Probably something else that will come up and be too good to ignore.
  • All the attendant bugs…

All right. That’s it. Until next week, go argue about this on the forums.