Prototype 2 Survey Results + Discussion

Comrades, last week I asked the patrons to fill out a brief survey on Prototype 2. The survey is anonymous so I don’t know who, exactly, filled it out, but big thanks to the ones who did! Let’s look at those results.

Q1: Do you like Mei’s personality?
Yes: 100%
No: 0%

Now this really brightens my day. Mei is meant to be a likeable protagonist and everyone polled liked her.

Q2: Do you like Florentina’s personality?
Yes: 50%
No: 25%
Didn’t encounter her: 25%

This is about what I had expected. Florentina is a rather brusque character at the best of times. She’ll probably grow on you as the game goes on.

Q3: Which of these characters would you want to see more of?
The Prisoner: 75%
Nadia: 50%
Mei: 25%
Florentina: 25%
Breanne: 25%
Rochea: 25%
Blythe: 0%

Note: This was a “Select all that apply” question, hence not summing to 100%.
I was quite surprised at how much the public liked the Prisoner character. Due to time constraints, we didn’t have time to make unique sprites and portraits for her. The Prisoner character is named Aquillia and you’ll be seeing more of her in Chapter 3 and 6. Due to demand, she will be in Prototype 3 as well, with unique sprites and dialogue.
Nadia was also popular, oddly (YOU THINK IT’S THE PUNS, MAYBE?), so I’ve put in a few more scenes with her. I also worked her into the Werecat TF scene but only if you’ve met her and Florentina beforehand.

Blythe was unpopular. Fortunately he’s a very minor character, so that’s okay. Everyone else on the list has gotten at least some extra scenes or dialogue due to popular demand. Your vote matters!

Q4: Which was your favourite cutscene?
Mei’s Alraune TF: 25%
Mei’s Slime TF: 25%
Alraune/Bee H-Scene: 25%
Meeting Karina after Mei becomes a bee: 25%

Okay, wasn’t expecting this. The scenes with sexy content getting votes made perfect sense, but the scene where Mei meets up with Karina after the bee transformation? Well, okay then.
The general verdict is that H-scenes and TF scenes are popular, as expected. I don’t know how I’m going to write more scenes like the Karina one, but I’ll try my best.
If you voted for the Karina scene, feel free to message me. I need to know what you liked about it, so I can do more of that in the future.

Q5: If you could pick one thing to see more of, which would it be?
More H-Scenes! I love porn! #1 Porn! : 50%
More enemies, more variety of enemies: 50%

Another stunning upset, only half of respondents wanted more H-scenes. The rest of them wanted more combat variety.
You guys know this is an ecchi game, right?
Jokes aside, I’ll see what I can do about more enemies. Due to budget constraints, we can’t do a TF for every enemy we add but we can tie them in to the other enemies. Maybe there are more monstrous things serving the cultists? Maybe there are other ghost forms besides the upcoming maid version?

Q6: On a completely unbiased scale out of 10, what would you rate this game?
Average was 6.25

A 6.25!? Considering how massively incomplete and broken the game is as of Prototype 2, a 6.25 is pretty darn impressive. I was expecting a 3, to be honest. Nothing warms a developer’s heart quite like people actually liking their work.

So that’s the survey for prototype 2.
Everyone who responded to the survey is going to get more of what they asked for. If you were a 5$ patron and didn’t fill the survey out, make sure you do so next time, because that one will be even more important – it’ll determine which chapter we develop next!

For everyone who read this far, there’ll be a bit more news on Prototype 3 on the Development Update this week. Otherwise, feel free to argue about this on the forums.

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