Development Update: Monday, August 14th, 2017

The Skinny

Werecat Promotional

Once again we’ve had a fairly productive week! Unfortunately, this might be the last highly-productive one on the coding front for a while. Time will tell. I’ll keep you lot posted on developments as they come.

I expect we’ll still easily make the End-of-August target.

The Art Front

The dialogue portraits for Mei’s Werecat and Ghost forms are complete, somewhat ahead of schedule as well! Only a few more dialogue portraits are needed, and then Chicken will begin working on the transformation images. Since all the TF scenes have been written, there may need to be some minor revisions once the images are completed.

Urimas has completed all of the spritework for Chapter 1. I’m now getting a few bonus tiles made. Spritework is done! Hooray!

Hund will be coloring the dialogue portraits over the next coming weeks. I expect he’ll have them all complete by Prototype 3. If not, the finished copies will be in Chapter 1’s full release.

The Coding Front

I’ve done my best to keep pace with the artists despite constantly having to fill in or cover shifts for other people (because nobody can organize a business without failing, I guess). Here are the major additions:

Nix Nedar Completed

Nix Nedar, the city in no space, is now complete. It has a few NPCs and a lot of world-building. If you like Gothic lolitas (IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE) then you’ll love this place.

Dimensional Trap Upper Floor Completed

For those of you who played Classic Mode, you may have noticed the mansion has an upper floor. That’s in the game now! It’s kind of crucial to finishing the first chapter!

Chapter 1 is Completable

It is now possible to end Chapter 1. Chapter 1 is now playable, start-to-finish! There are still some subquests to be implemented, and a lot of balance work to be done, but the game is now a complete, playable experience.

Ghost TF Completed

The transformation into a ghost maid cutscenes have been completed. No more details here, you’ll have to wait for Prototype 3!

Item Rebalancing Work

I’ve done some more work on rebalancing items and loot. The game makes a great deal of usage of cash-drops since items are meant to be upgraded instead of just replaced. Hopefully there will be some variety of equipment choices amongst the playerbase.

Design Theorizing

Wherein we learn some things about map design which will probably be forgotten within the week. Take a read!

Prototype 3 Status

The target for Prototype 3 is End of August. Here’s the checklist:

  • The Quantir Mansion completed (Check!)
  • Nix Nedar completed (Check!)
  • The Dimensional Trap basement mini-dungeon completed (CHECK!)
  • The Dimensional Trap upper floor mini-dungeon completed (Check!)
  • The Dimensional Trap main-floor redesign completed (CHECK!)
  • Werecat TF and event sequence completed (Check!)
  • Ghost Maid TF and event sequence completed (Check!)
  • Breanne’s flower subquest completed
  • Florentina’s past subquest completed
  • Old map enemy redesign completed (CHECK!)
  • Probably something else that will come up and be too good to ignore.
  • All the attendant bugs…

Holy crap, that’s a lot of checks and not a lot of unchecked stuff!

Boring Changelog

  • Made the Quantir boss balanced against a level 3 party.
  • Fixed a bug where the second equipped item would grey itself out if the first one ran out of charges.
  • Went back through a lot of scripts and edited them to include correct voicing and pacing.
  • Added special cases to the Werecat TF.
  • Added Maid Ghost TF and related casework.
  • Added end-of-chapter scenario stuff.
  • Added Nix Nedar.
  • Added upper floor to the Dimensional Trap.
  • Added fast-transition stuff when using doors that require examination to open.
  • Finished Maid Ghost event cycle.
  • Reworked a few items.
  • Fixed a bug with adding abilities to a character when reading a skillbook.

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