Prototype 3 Released to Patrons!

Yes, that’s right. After months of hard work, Prototype 3 has been released for testing and feedback to the good folks over at Patreon. Thanks guys. From the bottom of my heart and the blackened, shriveled heart-shaped object that my artists use instead of a proper functioning organ.

If you believe you should have received a copy but did not, please send me a direct message on Patreon and I’ll see what I can do.

If you would like a copy right the hell now:

Please either pledge on Patreon or send a donation directly to along with a message on Patreon indicating the name you donated from, and I will send you the Prototype 3 download links ASAP.

What is Prototype 3?

The list of changes is very long. Very, very long: I will be posting a full changelog on the forums. For now, I’m looking forward to the wide range of feedback, suggestions, bug reports, nagging, and threats that always accompany a major release.

What happens now?

Our next priority is to finish off everything that is incomplete in chapter 1 and do the full release, which will be public (Patrons will receive the Debug-Unlocked version of the full release, the public can go suck a lemon).

I expect this will take a few weeks, depending on the productivity of the artists and the quality/quantity of the bug reports and suggestions. I’m not going to pin a date on Chapter 1 until I’ve had a chance to discuss it with the artists in detail.

I need help and the walls are closing in or I saw a bug!

Please report it on the forums and take a deep breath. If the walls are closing in it’s because of a panic attack, not a coding error.

Your panic attack is not a bug, it’s a feature…

Argue about this post on the forums!

Support the project on Patreon so the artists stop being lazy shits!