Development Update: September 25th, 2017


Small update this week. Prototype 3e will be going out to patrons probably tomorrow. It contains some balance fixes and art updates, as well as a new area since someone asked for more slime content.

The Art Front

Chicken needs to finish the Ghost TF sketches, and also update the Skullcrawler combat pose. After that, we just need to ink and color everything and Chapter 1 is ready to ship.

The Coding Front

I added a new feature: Tourist Mode. In this mode, your party never misses attacks and deals triple damage. It can be toggled on and off from the options menu at any time.

I added this mode because, let’s face it, this is an ecchi game. Some people don’t care about the JRPG component at all and just want to do dirty things to our protagonists. Tourist mode should make that a lot easier without robbing anyone else of the challenge of a finely crafted RPG experience. It also won’t rob of them of whatever garbage I happen to put in front of them, either.

There’s also a few bug fixes that Chicken noticed and a few script logic changes concerning the Claudia scene.


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