Development Update: September 18th, 2017

Today, we have a development update, the results of the Patron Pal Poll, and also the bi-monthly budget report.

Short Development Update

I am mostly out of things to code at the moment. There are a few features I wanted to add and had been suggested to me, but otherwise there aren’t a lot of bugs to address.

The artists are still arting. Not sure if they’ll hit the End of September target I had set out, which is totally fine since Chapter 1’s coding is done. The Chapter comes out whenever the art is done, more or less.

I have decided to add a bit of extra non-art content. Someone on the poll requested more slime content, so by gum they’re going to get it! Giving me ideas works.

Survey Discussion Time!

So as is the usual case, I got some pretty darn good feedback from the poll. This time, seven heroes decided to respond. You guys/gals/whatever are the best!

Question 1:


So this means our average is around 7.6/10. That’s pretty solid, but this is a self-selected group. Obviously people who really love the project are the most likely to respond, and the ones who despise it are probably not even patrons. I mean it’d be weird if they were.

So, while it’s heartening, it means there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Question 2:


This is actually kind of unexpected. I deliberately wrote Florentina to be kind of a dink, and yet people seem to like her. Everyone likes Mei, so mission accomplished.

Question 3:


So the public generally likes the transformation scenes. Unfortunately I neglected to include an option for “I didn’t see it”. Therefore, people who didn’t see a given scene can’t rate whether or not they liked it. Lesson learned.

Still, this shows that people generally like the direction of the TF scenes. I expect people didn’t vote for the Zombee scene mostly because they didn’t see it, rather than that they didn’t like it.

Question 4:


So, as the caveat above states, I didn’t include an option for having not seen the scene. As a result, we can’t tell if any of these were badly written or just not seen. Since most of these aren’t exactly written for comedy or sexiness, I’m okay with the results. The only one of note was that I actually got someone who rather explicitly did not like the Alraune-drunk-man TF scene.

Question 5:


Keep in mind this is the version before I added the Doctor Bag. I want the game to be slightly on the easy side, particularly in Chapter 1. Overall I’m happy with the result, all I need to do is tune a few of the values to get things just a bit easier.

Question 6:


So while the majority seems to be pretty happy with everything, I am apparently not wordy enough. Probably on the TF scenes I’d imagine. Personally I think I’m too wordy, since “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Still, if the public want more wording, they’ll get a little bit more wording.

Also, the characters blending together is probably more of an issue due to the fact that there’s a ton of them and not all of them got a lot of lines. So, perhaps the two issues are related. Still, this is a good result and very informative.

Question 7:


The public generally likes the art style. This makes the artists damn-near giddy. No problems here!

Question 8:


The public generally likes the music selection. I did, however, get a person who hated my selection for the plains theme. I might wind up replacing that one.

There was an additional question, which was a free-form answer-what-you-want thing, but I’m not posting that because I put relevant commentary under the other questions where applicable.

So overall, I think the prototype has gone over pretty darn well. I know what needs to be done to improve it and I think I can do it without any massive changes.

Budget Stuff

The bi-monthly budget report is right here. Now I can’t be accused of financial fraud!

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