Development Update: December 4th, 2017

The Lighting Engine


So here’s a screenshot showing off a bit of the lighting engine. I wound up having to do this using shaders, because doing it with additive blending proved very restrictive. Shaders should hopefully be compatible with everyone’s machines going forward, as I didn’t do anything particularly complex with them.

The lighting system uses simple distance computations with an attenuation function. It supports colored lighting and the lights can be modified via scripts, meaning there will be light-based puzzles later on. Lights can also move to follow a source, so Christine will be getting a lantern at one point.

Lighting allows me to focus your eye on certain points on the screen, and allows for ambushes and an increase in tension. Enemies can see just fine in the dark, but you can’t see their vision cones until you’re practically on top of them.

Other Updates

Urimas has gotten me most of the tiles I need for the cryogenics facility and surrounding areas. Chicken continues to be sick, but has completed half of the basic design work for the chapter. None of the named characters have been concepted yet. Hund has been keeping up with inking.

Me? Scriptwork. I’ve completed most of the maps for the first part of the chapter, and now I’m going to be writing the scenario scripts, adding enemies, and balancing the whole thing.