Chapter 1 v1.04 Release and Poll Results!

Hey look, Chapter 1 v1.04 has been released! This version contains some fixes for longstanding annoying bugs, the much-requested compass functionality, new portraits for important characters and NPCs, a lo-res mode for older machines, and the ability to put notes on save files so you don’t forget which one is which.

You can download it here or go to the downloads page if you’re weird like that.

Mac Users: This is the first release I compiled on High Sierra. There may be bugs. In fact there probably are bugs. Let me know if you encounter any.

Screenshot 104

But wait, there’s more. Last week I asked the Patrons to vote on which optional content they wanted to see in the first prototype of Chapter 5.


So it looks like Equinox Labs will be going into the prototype, and if we have spare time, Serenity Crater Observatory. As a development update, I’ve finished the scenario work for Regulus City (polish and editing are still needed) and will be starting on the Long Range Telemetry facility next. I just need some tiles from Urimas first.


These questions were meant as a rough gauge of interest in each of the optional areas. I provided spoiler-free area descriptions with the bare-minimum detail necessary, and somehow managed to net at least a 6 for all areas. That makes me feel pretty good.

We also got one long-form series of questions from a respondent who shall remain anonymous. The questions are listed here:

Is there a partner [in Chapter 5] like in Chapter 1?

Yes. Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 are the only chapters which have one teammate. Chapters 2, 3, and 4 actually have two partners.

Do any of these quests relate to them?

Without spoiling anything, half of the quests relate a great deal to Christine’s partner. All of them relate to Christine’s themes.

I enjoyed the pie quest because it meant more time chilling with Breanne, I enjoyed the bee quest because it meant helping out the bees and getting a better idea of what was happening the forest, I enjoyed the cultist dungeon because it involved working with the Alraunes and putting the beat down on the cultists.

You’re going to love Regulus City.

The quests as presented don’t tell me much about the characters involved, or what will happen to our main character.

Just because I want to keep it spoiler-free. There are twists and turns, and things will happen that you certainly didn’t expect unless you hacked the game files.

So that’s it for this update. We’re making good progress on Chapter 5 and I definitely think we’ll make the end-of-March time frame. Chapter 5 will likely be finished sometime in the summer at this rate, possibly earlier. Get psyched!