Development Update: January 22nd, 2018

Almost everything is in place for v1.04 to be released next week. I’ve fixed the bugs in question and we got some new art for some of the characters who wound up being way more important than I had originally planned out.

v1.04 will also allow you to add notes to your savefiles.

Save Notes


This feature is retroactive with old saves and can be done at both the main loading screen and in-game from the save menu.

This was probably the second most requested feature. The most requested one was a way to detect Catalysts. In each chapter there will be an object you can find (Usually called the Platinum Compass or a derivative name) that will play a tone when you enter a room with a Catalyst in it. For Chapter 1, it can be purchased in the far southwestern corner of the map.

In other news, there will be a Patron Pal Poll going up today to decide which optional content we should prioritize for Chapter 5’s prototype. We’re doing an internal prototype soon for testing purposes before I move on to the next major section of Chapter 5.