Development Update: February 19th, 2018

Good news, comrades!

The Equinox Facility scripting is completed

The Long-range Telemetry Facility scripting is completed

The Lower Sector 15 sub-quest is completed

Amazingly, I got all of that done in a week. This includes two transformation sequences, several cutscenes, and a bunch of map layouts.

With this done, I have another project I need to work on for a while. I will try to get my first balancing pass done this week so we can start that testing. MarioneTTe has already edited one of the TF sequences to make it excellent, and the art is inked and awaiting coloring for that sequence.

Depending on how much extra time we have, I should be able to get done 1-2 of the extra content requests in the poll a few weeks back. I also have to polish up the cutscenes and get their timings down (some make extensive use of sound and music for effect) and polish up the minigames and work-credits system, which has some bugs. Otherwise, everything is going fantastically well.

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