Development Update: February 26th, 2018


First, a bit of free art this week. This is the Raiju, one of the monster species of Chapter 5. It’s been a while since we showed off any art to non-patrons, so I’m taking this opportunity. Happy… February…

In coding news, I’m starting balance work. I’ve already done the first balance pass for the first part of Chapter 5, but I wasn’t happy with it and have to go and edit it. And then I’ll probably redo it a few more times until I’m happy with it. We’re also doing an internal balance test later this week once I have everything in place.

Once the balance work is complete, it’s just art that needs completion and then we can ship the March prototype. Well, that and bug tests, but there’s always bugs.

In terms of art, the entire art skeleton for the first prototype is complete. There are a few character concepts left to do, but the characters in question don’t appear in the prototype so we’ll do them later. This week the artists will be starting on the TF sequences and the dialogue art.

Whether or not I’ll have time to get in any more bonus content is a big question. I have another (paid!) project I’m working on, which also has a prototype due at the end of March. I’ve been splitting my time between the two. If I’m satisfied by the balance and polish of the minigames, I’ll try to squeeze Serenity Crater Observatory in.

There will also likely be a “[X] With a Grain of Salt” post later this week. I want to discuss linguistic realism and how to do it properly. It might even not bore someone!

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