Development Update: March 13th, 2018

(Because I took a nap and now it’s after midnight, oh no!)

Prototype Status (And Bad News)

Due to unforeseen/unforeseeable issues, Chicken believes she will not have all of the transformation art completed in time for the prototype. We may have one of the sequences done, but not the other. Sad.

On the other hand, all of the cutscenes are done and fairly polished. I need to do a lot of balance testing, adding examinables, and adding treasure, but the prototype is now fully playable with no placeholders all the way through to its conclusion. The only main area that needs new balance testing is the eastern side of the LRT facility and the Equinox boss battles.

I had to add some code to the combat engine to handle threat and internal states. It’s fairly rough looking right now, and it’s hard to target friendly party members with the current interface. If I have time I will try to fix that before the prototype goes out.

The minigames will probably not have time to get polished before the prototype. They’re playable but they’re not all that fun (from my perspective) and don’t provide work credits. For the purposes of the prototype, I’ll probably just provide some base work credits and let you do a subquest to get the rest.

Otherwise, everything is on track for the release on the 26th.